Revealing a reputable construction design consulting unit

On the market today, there are many construction design consulting units. This is a favorable condition for customers to have many choices, but it also makes them more confused in finding a reputable address. And one of the companies you can accompany is Tan CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (New CC).

After 25 years on the market, New CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd has always been highly appreciated by customers and partners for its quality, professionalism and especially well-trained staff with seasoned experience, aesthetic creativity, attitude and positive working spirit.

With experience in participating in more than 100 Japanese FDI projects, New CC understands and applies Japan’s strict labor safety and quality management standards in design and construction consulting. Meanwhile, we ensure competitiveness not only in quality but also in construction cost. New CC is highly appreciated by customers by the criterion “Japanese quality – local price”.

In addition, New CC also gains customer’s trust by the following factors:

Skilled and experienced staff

New CC has a team of professional, dynamic, creative and high quality personnel. In addition, in order to enhance the company’s advantages and reputation, New CC had the participation of experienced Japanese experts to improve knowledge and skills for internal employees, and provide direct consulting services to foreign investors. 

Dedicated and professional working process

New CC ensures a professional and responsible working process, helping investors find the best and most economical ideas. We are sure that with a team of experts and excellent engineers will make customers feel confident in the working process.

Commitment to quality and construction progress

This is also a factor to consider whether the construction company is reliable or not. Before starting construction, you should have a contract stipulating the time and progress of construction, and monitor this progress carefully to grasp arising problems and handling plans to ensure the works will complete on time. In addition, some other factors should also be noted in the contractor’s commitments such as: Do not transfer the work to another 3rd party without the consent of the owner, do not quote incorrect material prices, using materials for improper purposes, home warranty, environmental protection…

Customer support policy

The staff of a construction consulting company must be a good listener and give reasonable advice to investors. Moreover, the company must also have a reliable warranty when the project has minor problems after a long time of use.

Many companies even have a policy to support remediation, at no charge or at a very low cost for works that are out of warranty, to help customers feel secure to use their works.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us via:

Hotline: (+84) 028 3864 1262

Address: 18B, Road No. 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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