How does New CC help FDI investors solve problems?

With experts from Japan, Singapore… and a large and experienced force of architects and engineers, New CC Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. will help FDI investors remove many obstacles when entering Vietnam market.

Common problems of FDI investors

Before entering the Vietnamese market, FDI investors often encounter some of the following problems!

Investment procedures and related legal matters

Each country has different regulations, investment procedures and related legal procedures. In Vietnam, there are many administrative and investment procedures that are updated or changed, making it difficult for FDI enterprises to approach.

Investment environment

The investment environment, as well as culture in Vietnam, is very different from other countries in the world. Without learning through many different channels, foreign investors will find it difficult to make the right investment decisions.

Evaluate contractors

When there is no opportunity to meet FDI investors directly, it is difficult to make an assessment of the contractor’s scale, capacity and financial ability. This leads to difficulties in choosing a reputable and qualified contractor to implement the project.

New CC helps FDI investors solve problems

Tan CC Construction Consulting Co., Ltd (New CC) owns a dynamic, high-quality staff that is carefully selected, and also has the participation of experienced Japanese and Singaporean experts to improve knowledge and skills for internal staff, and provide direct advice and advice to foreign investors.

We understand the concerns and obstacles when a foreign investor comes to Vietnam, which are investment procedures, consulting-construction environment, related legal procedures, and quality of design-construction consulting in Vietnam.

New CC supports investors from the very first steps when they first set foot in Vietnam; ready to support and advise at no charge so that investors can feel secure to invest.

New CC is a trusted consultant, helping partners and customers to well manage the quality, progress, and risks of projects. The solutions offered by New CC to partners and customers always ensure the technical feasibility and optimal financial.

Besides, understanding the difficulties of customers when the project has minor problems after a long time of use, New CC commits and applies the policy of “Long term maintenance”. We emphasize that even if the warranty period for the work has passed,  New CC will still support overcoming it at free of charge or at a very low cost if there is damage caused by construction work.

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