What is the role of project management in construction?

Project management is a job that requires extensive knowledge, high logical thinking, and professional working spirit. In the field of construction, this position always plays an important role for large-scale projects, plans and works.

What is construction project management?

The construction project management will follow from the beginning of the project to the end of the project, to oversee and manage the design, planning and construction process. Project management is a complex process, without repetition, must have close coordination of many levels, sectors, partners.

Along with the trend of globalization in the field of construction investment, construction project management requires extensive and professional development. Only then can we meet the needs of construction projects, especially FDI projects.

The role of project management in construction

Project management in construction plays an important role, directly affecting the quality and progress of construction projects. Some of the basic roles of construction project management can be listed as follows:

  • Assess the status and progress of the project.
  • Check the progress of the completion of the plans according to the approved timeline.
  • Support to review and evaluate criteria for selecting reputable and quality contractors.
  • Evaluate changes related to the process of design, construction, procurement of materials, equipment and protective equipment and occupational safety.
  • Update progress status over time, evaluate contractor’s completion level.
  • Carry out environmental protection and fire prevention in accordance with current regulations.
  • Monitor and evaluate, have policies in place to ensure the overall project status and quality are implemented in accordance with the proposals.
  • Check and report the work on people and equipment to the contractor.
  • Overall assessment of project quality.
  • Control and support to solve risks during construction.
  • Check the operator training plan, operate and supervise construction to ensure safety.

Duties of the project management board

Here is a specific workflow of the construction project management board you can refer to:

  • Project planning
  • Preparing to invest
  • Executing construction
  • Financial duties
  • Administrative duties

Thus, the article has helped you get more information about project management and its role in the construction field. However, not all businesses have a professional and effective project management team. To get the best results in this stage, you should find a project management consultant.

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