HOUSELINK platform: The new benchmark for construction industry connectivity

HOUSELINK platform sets the new benchmark for the construction industry connectivity. 

HOUSELINK affirms the leading position in the field of construction market development by establishing a distinct business model – the very first digital platform that connects the whole construction industry together.

With the advantage of pioneering technology applications, data strength, and market insight, HOUSELINK platform ecosystem provides construction market information, enhances connectivity and interaction between units within the construction industry. In addition, the e-Commerce platform and e-Bidding platform propose construction professionals all solutions to obtain more business opportunities.

The brand new digital platform will revolutionize the way the project owners, contractors and providers/manufacturers of construction materials work together with a view to creating an effective, transparent and competitive environment for the construction industry. Let’s compare HOUSELINK’s model and other business models in same-field for a more specific look:

The differences between HOUSELINK and other business models in same-field 

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