Without using Email Marketing services, will construction enterprises fall behind?

Using Email Marketing services in advertising and marketing campaigns, construction businesses will benefit greatly. On the contrary, ignoring this form of PR will cause many business units to “lose their footing” in today’s competitive market.

Limitations when construction businesses do not use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a form of using electronic mail to bring information about marketing services, introducing products to potential customer groups that businesses are targeting. Not only stopping at interacting and retaining old customers, Email Marketing is also considered an effective advertising tool for products and services, accompanied by promotions to the target audience.

Business reports all show that building a good email marketing strategy will help increase the rate of potential customers and conversion rates. The long-term purpose of Email Marketing is to help build trust in the brand and build customer trust in the business.

According to the survey of HOUSELINK 2020, the traditional direct selling method is still the best source of sales leads for business development for each construction business (accounting for 70% of revenue), followed by the leading source of leads. construction (60%). Next, it is impossible not to mention the effectiveness of email Marketing, accounting for 57%.

Source: HOUSELINK survey 2020

This explains why business units that do not use Email Marketing in their advertising campaigns easily lag behind the market. Experts also emphasize, saying “no” to Email Marketing means you are losing the opportunity to expand “relationships” in the industry.

Businesses in general and construction businesses in particular, when ignoring Email Marketing in their marketing plans, will certainly face certain difficulties. Specifically: Higher cost but not sure to convey the message to customers, slow to reach target audience, not easy to track campaign results, limited relationship building long term with potential customers…

Simply put, Email Marketing is one of the compelling sources to attract potential customers. If not, businesses will lose important steps in the branding process.

According to the survey, the best results for lead leads for sales come from direct sales (23%), followed by referrals (19%), constructive leads – like HOUSELINK (13%), and email Marketing 11%). Email Marketing can be seen as an effective tool to improve business results.

Advantage of HOUSELINK’s Email Marketing strategy

HOUSELINK’s Email Marketing service gives businesses a lot of benefits in branding and business development. Based on technology and abundant data sources in the construction industry both domestically and internationally, HOUSELINK will conduct periodic Email Marketing campaigns to target customers.

Continuing the Industrial Real Estate Q1/ 2021 report period with an in-depth look at the link between industrial real estate and the logistics system, a detailed analysis of the two-way tie between logistics and the industry supply chain processing and manufacturing industry, helping investors have a more specific and detailed view of the supply chain when investing in the Vietnamese market that has been released before, HOUSELINK continues to issue real estate reports industrial real estate market in the second quarter of 2021 on the actual situation of the industrial real estate market in Vietnam.

The report will be released by HOUSELINK to domestic and international markets and is expected to be sent to more than 100,000 businesses in the construction industry, industry investors worldwide, expected by the end of July 2021. This is a great opportunity for businesses to implement their email marketing campaigns with high efficiency at a reasonable cost.

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