Marketing Talk #6: Tell your brand story in just 4 steps

Before you start telling your story, take some time to read and explore for a bit. What would you like to find out while reading about a Business? It could be a story, it could be a contact, it could be just a locator.

HOUSELINK would like to share with you a brand storytelling formula, which we believe is relatively close to contemporary international standards.

Brand Positioning

Who are we?

What products and services do we provide?

How can we help your business?

These are the questions you need to answer briefly when starting to write about your business. Why is it necessary to write briefly? This is basic information about the enterprise, can it be written longer?

You can definitely write longer, but please note, this is just the beginning. You will have plenty of time and meaning behind to tell your brand story.

Value confirmation

Expanding from Brand Positioning, let’s start defining your Brand Values. In other words, this is the step where you will have to answer the question: WHY SHOULD CUSTOMERS CHOOSE YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS?

Make your values clear and avoid general ambiguity. And most of all, take responsibility for what you write. It affects you, your customers, and your business.


This is a step you can get a little bit creative, based on your positioning and brand equity. You may or may not have a tagline, but a well-researched and catchy tagline will make your brand stand out even more.

Brand story

After all these steps, now is the time to tell your brand stories.

Let’s start talking about the process of enterprise formation, difficulties encountered, achievements … from here. Readers need to identify who you are, what you do, and what your benefit is before they want to hear your story.

Check out an example of an effective “brand story” below:

Check out an example of a "brand story"

Check out an example of a "brand story"

Start to change, your business only gets better when you keep up with the marketing trends of the new era. If you are still stuck in finding the right marketing path for your business, let HOUSELINK help you. HOUSELINK’s platform is fully integrated with the necessary technology features so that businesses can easily manipulate, perform the management and development of their Marketing – Business on the network.

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