Smart tool: Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Laser Measure

iPin is releasing a new product that will use your phone’s headphone jack as an accessory port.  The product will allow your phone to become a full-on laser measuring device.  The iPin Spatial Ruler allows the user to measure the length between any two points in a shared photo, or the distance from your phone to some far away point.

The iPin has a small compact design that is meant to stay connected at all times, but also be small enough to not be in the way.  If you find yourself out in the field without a tape measure this could be just the product you are looking for.

The iPin works in conjunction with the iPin Ruler App in order to take a measurement.  The system works by pointing a laser at the wall using the headphone jack attachment, then with the smart phone’s camera you can take a picture.  Once the picture is taken you can then gather measurement information from the photo. Once the photo is taken and you have the information you are looking for, you can save the picture or share it with a colleague through email or iMessage.

We do not know yet just how accurate the device is, and it appears that the two objects being measured must be the same distance away from the camera.  However, this is just another tool that can help out in a pinch. The product will be available some time this year.

iPin Spatial Ruler is only available for iOS – Works on iPhone 5 and newer and iPads, at this point.

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