The Top 3 Trends Reclaimed Brick Interior Designs of 2018

The year 2018 has started with a bang and with it are beautiful, trendy brick interior designs that will not miss catching an eye or two. Interior design trends change with every passing year and 2017 was no different with different textures and finishes being introduced into the market. Many have wondered about what 2018 will bring especially in the exposed brick design recently embraced by most people.

Modifications have been introduced to the traditional designs combining them with modern styles producing an outstanding look. Various trends have come and gone, but there are some that can never be forgotten. Among the top of the reclaimed trends that 2018 has to offer is the brick interior design.

For those that need to renovate or start their interior décor from scratch, using the exposed brick wall is the solution to your problems. If you are a lover of exquisite interior looks, Deco Stones will not fail you. Brick walls give an amazing look and have versatile ways of styling to blend in with the floor, ceiling, and furniture. Here’s a look at top three trendy brick designs that you can use and give life to your interior.


The industrial design which has been present since the early 70s’ makes perfect use of the exposed brick design. Used to cover up mills and old buildings which were converted into living spaces, the industrial design combined with exposed brick brings out a stylish look while hiding the areas of your home that you wouldn’t want to be seen. The industrial design uses rough textures and accompanied with a metallic accent and accessories like fur and skin throws, it can take your home interior décor to another new level.


With an exposed brick wall, one can create a breathtaking look at any part of their home using the rustic design. Rustic designs make use of earthy tones and wood as the main materials used, making them seem more natural. Although different from industrial design, the rustic interior design also makes use of hiding parts that one wouldn’t want to be seen.

The metallic furnishings and materials used in industrial designs make them manlier as compared to the feminine touch displayed by rustic designs. A combination of a brick wall, accessories made from marble or bronze, together with rustic accents adds richness to any room giving it a marvelous look.


You will never go wrong with the warm textures and naturally warm and cool accents of the Mediterranean look which uses the color of the sand, sea, and sun. It suits the brick wall perfectly, providing an airy atmosphere of relaxation. The Mediterranean design is simple but gives an appealing and lavish décor.

In 2018, interior design trends are changing. Try and switch from the monochrome look and blend a few different accent colors. Combine the exposed brick with accent colors like blue or light gray, which, when paired with the right furniture will give your interior décor a classic look.

Whichever style you prefer, pinning it down to the right items to complement it is key to interior designing. Use the right colors, furnishings, and accessories and don’t go out of style.


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