AEC Next is a Must for Construction Professionals

The AEC Next Technology Expo + Conference is a must-attend event for all construction professionals in 2018. The special event offers the most vendors, the most attendees, and the greatest number of offerings fit for your entire team. The conference will take place twice this year. The first will be June 5-7 in Anaheim, CA. The other will take place in Washington DC, on December 4-6.

The event will feature companies ranging from emerging technology or services to those in the construction sector. You’ll be able to view new products, learn about best practices, and so much more.

The conference consolidates a number of important conferences, including: The National High-Performance Building Conference, The National BIM Conference, The National Specifiers Conference, and BIM in the Academy.

AEC Next Tracks and Presentations

A full list of educational tracks and presentations can be found here. Here is a list of some highlighted presentations from the conference.

Zero Energy: The New Normal

Presented by New Buildings Institute, this presentation seeks to introduce attendees to zero net energy (ZNE). They’ll cover:

  • Important definitions
  • ZNE market adoption/growth across climate zones
  • Business case for ZNE buildings
  • Technologies most widely used in pursuit of zero energy
  • Path to ZNE achievement, with examples

Learn more about this presentation here.

Data Driven Green Design

Data and Iot technology has made it easier than ever to harness data to make better decisions. As populations and cities grow, conservation of resources is increasingly important. It’s more eco-friendly and, eventually, cost-friendly.

Learn more here.

Healthy Buildings for Everyone: Tapping into Biology to Grow the Next Generation of Buildings

The way buildings are built hasn’t changed in almost 200 years and it’s hurting the environment. The construction industry is responsible for 60% of climate change emissions, one-third of landfill waste, and negative health effects. They continue to use dead materials like concrete, wood, and steel.

This presentation will explore how the XPRIZE Foundation is developing a way to grow buildings using synthetic biology, genomics, parametric modeling and 3D printing.

Learn more about it here.

Register for AEC Next

AEC Next has a lot to offer – networking opportunities, the introduction of new products, and exciting presentations. The event is looking to the future of construction, one that is more eco-friendly and data-driven. Be aware of the latest trends in your industry by registering now.

Register for Anaheim here.


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