The secret “weapon” to help New CC construction consulting company attracts FDI projects

With the capacity, experience and reputation in the market, New CC has won many contracts to implement FDI projects, which are always demanding on the contractor’s capacity and service quality standards.

Brand reputation in the market

Tan CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (New CC) is one of the leading company in Vietnam, specializing in providing design consulting services and management of industrial and commercial construction projects. After 25 years of being on the market, New CC has always been highly appreciated by customers and partners for its quality, professionalism and especially well-trained and experienced staff.

With New CC, its prestige and position in the construction market is confirmed by thousands of valuable projects that have been implemented and are being implemented across the country. In particular, New CC has won many contracts to implement FDI projects, which are always demanding on the contractor’s capacity and service quality standards. Among them, some outstanding projects can be mentioned such as: VINA ECO BOARD fiberboard factory (VECO) of SUMITOMO RINGYOU group, VSIP I INDUSTRIAL PARK project (Binh Duong), FOOTWEAR PRODUCTION OF PROPERWELL project -DUNG QUAT…

In order to achieve today’s achievements, right from the early days of establishment, the company’s leadership team has defined a clear strategy, based on taking advantage of strengths to develop. Those are FDI investment knowledge, specialized foreign languages, dynamic and high-quality staff who are carefully selected to approach and directly advise foreign investors coming to Vietnam for the first time.

Then, to enhance the company’s advantages and reputation, New CC had the participation of experienced Japanese experts to improve knowledge and skills for internal staff, consultants and consultants directly to foreign investors.

In future, New CC will continue to build its reputation, invest in expertise and human resources to rise to become the leading industrial construction project management and design service provider in South Vietnam and towards the region. And one of the important steps to realize this vision is that the company has cooperated with leading construction corporations of Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The secret “weapon”

With experience in participating in more than 100 Japanese FDI projects, New CC understands and applies Japan’s strict labor safety and quality management standards to design, construction and maintenance consulting ensure competitiveness in terms of quality and construction costs. New CC is highly appreciated by customers by the criterion “Japanese quality – local price”.

The secret of New CC’s greatest success with FDI projects understands the concerns and obstacles that a first-time foreign investor comes to Vietnam, which is:

  •         Investment procedures
  •         Consulting – construction environment
  •         Related legal proceedings
  •         Quality consulting design – construction of Vietnam

Facing these problems, New CC supports investors from the first steps when they first set foot in Vietnam, ready to support and advice free of charge so that investors can be assured of the quality of construction and market in Viet Nam

Besides understanding the difficulties of customers when the project has small problems after a long time of use, New CC commits applies the policy of “Long term maintenance. It is emphasized that even after the warranty period for the work has passed, if there is damage caused by construction work, New CC will still assist in the repair, free of charge or at a very low cost, helping our customers to use the project.

If you want to learn more about our services, please contact:

Hotline: (+84) 028 3864 1262

Add: 18B, Street 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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