What are the criteria for choosing an architectural design consultancy?

To choose a reliable architectural design consultancy, you need to rely on many criteria, from the quality of the architect team to the professional working process.

What is an architectural design consulting?

Architectural design consulting is the most important job of construction, starting from the concept design and ending with the construction drawing design document. This is the area where the firms show their capacity to approach investors from the early stages of the project.

Architectural design is not only the external appearance of the building but also includes many specialties such as structure, architecture, electricity supply, water supply, and drainage… in which the architect plays a key role. Architects’ mission is to bring the most optimal works in terms of functionality and uniqueness in architecture.

Architects will shape and arrange the functional chain on the architectural floor to optimize the floor area used to satisfy the investor’s needs. If the design of the architectural functional plan is a science, the 3D perspective design is the art of expressing the creativity of the architect.

On what factors do you choose an architectural design consultancy?

To choose a reputable architectural design consultancy, you can base on the following factors:

Reputation in the market

This is an important factor that many investors pay attention to when choosing an architectural design consultancy firm. The company’s reputation in the market is recognized through customer satisfaction in terms of service quality and works that leave a unique mark.

Years of experience

A company with many years of experience also means that they have consulted and designed for many large and small projects. A team of experts and architects with high expertise is enough to handle all problems and quickly grasp trends to advise customers. During the implementation process, they will come up with the most useful plans for the project, meeting the wishes of the investor.

Architects team

A team of highly specialized, experienced architects with a professional and creative working style will bring about works with impressive design and optimal functionality.

Professional workflow

An architectural design consultancy firm with a dedicated, professional and transparent working process will help the investor find the best ideas for the project and optimize the most costs.

New CC – a prestigious architectural design consultancy firm

With a team of highly qualified and experienced experts, architects, engineers and professional working processes, Tan CC Construction Consulting Co., Ltd (New CC) is a leading design consulting service provider in Vietnam. The works undertaken by New CC are satisfied and highly appreciated by customers.

The reason New CC’s architectural design consulting service is chosen by many investors is because of its high service quality, timely guarantee, after-sales service, and good customer care. Especially, the works are not only aesthetic but also functional, satisfying all the requirements of the investor.

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Address: 18B, Road No. 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Email: newcc@newcc.com.vn

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