The “Exchange and Sharing” event – “The explosion and the trend of investment prospects in the Electric vehicle market in Vietnam”

Electrification, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and open economy are now becoming trends and the driving force as well as development trends of the electric vehicles industry. New energy cars with the integration of new energy engines, new materials, application of intelligent sensor technology in IoT, big data (Big data), artificial intelligence, and other transformation technologies have contributed to accelerating the transition of transportation vehicles from traditional to green energy, and turn transportation into a mobile smart energy storage devices combined with digital space. From here, promote the improvement of energy infrastructure, transportation, and communication infrastructure, accelerate the optimization of energy consumption structure, improve the intelligence level of the transportation systems and urban operations, which has great implications for building a clean and beautiful world and creating the community for the common future of mankind.

In 2019, the global car industry began to undergo major changes. Giants in the industry such as GM and Ford laid off employees, Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot Citroen have merged, and traditional car manufacturers banded together to strengthen operations. On the other hand, the representative of the new energy car industry- Tesla has implemented a rapid globalization campaign, with annual sales of nearly 400,000 vehicles, up 50% year-on-year. Meanwhile, in China and Germany, the subsidies for new-energy vehicles began to decline, leading to a decrease in sales.
The electric vehicle market in Vietnam is at an early stage of development but has significant growth potential. With a stable political situation, relatively low labor cost, favorable geographical location, open and attractive investment law, and high demand for infrastructure construction. Many electric vehicles companies have come and studied the investment environment of Vietnam, bringing the motivation for the supply chains of the electric vehicles industry to develop and operate in Vietnam.

The “Exchange and Sharing” event – “The explosion and the trend of investment prospects in the electric vehicles market in Vietnam” organized by HOUSELINK and our partners with the main purposes are:

• Publishing the 1st Vietnam electric vehicles market supply chain investment Report with sharing related to the Vietnam electric vehicle industry investment prospect, upcoming investment and cooperation trends, as well as sharing about the investment model studied proposed by HOUSELINK.
• Sending a message to FDI factory investors and construction partners about one of the ways to realize investment commitment to sustainable business development in Vietnam.
• Accelerating the connection, exchange, and share cooperation opportunities.

The event scheduled to be held on June 16, 2023 at the Intercontinental Ha Noi Landmark 72 Hotel is an opportunity for partners to grasp trend forecasting information and feasible models to develop the electric vehicles supply chain in Vietnam, meeting and exchanging face-to-face with nearly 50 senior leaders from corporations and manufacturers in the electric vehicle supply chain in the world who are and are preparing to invest in production projects in Vietnam.

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