New CC – the leading prestigious design consultancy

With a team of experts, highly specialized and experienced architects, professional working process, good after-sales service… New CC is the leading prestigious design consultancy chosen by many investors.

New CC – a reputable design consultancy

Tan CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (New CC) has implemented thousands of valuable projects spread across the country. In particular, New CC has won many contracts to implement FDI projects, always demanding strictly the contractor’s capacity and service quality standards.

Currently, customers not only want a project that meets users’ needs, but also aesthetic, environmentally friendly factors, and cost optimization in the whole project life cycle. Therefore, New CC constantly strives to improve to bring customers the most professional and effective consulting service for each project.

New CC provides clients with design consulting services including:

  • Designing the master plan of the industrial park
  • The architectural design of industrial and civil works
  • Structural design
  • Infrastructure engineering design
  • Mechanical, electrical, and refrigeration engineering design

The design consultation process at New CC

At New CC, consulting services are clearly performed with the following steps:

Step 1: Receive information about the project

Step 2: Sign a design consultancy contract

Step 3: Survey and measure the work, take photos of documents

Step 4: Sketch, give a temporary design plan

Step 5: Receive customer feedback

Step 6: Conduct detailed design implementation

Step 7: Hand over design documents and liquidate the contract

Advantages of New CC design consulting service

The reason why many investors choose New CC’s architectural design consulting service is due to the following advantages:

  • A team of highly qualified and experienced experts, architects, and engineers, always have unique creative ideas.
  • Professional working process, transparent pricing.
  • Project quality meets all requirements of investors.
  • Ensure on-time schedule.
  • After-sales service, good customer care.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us via:

Hotline: (+84) 028 3864 1262

Address: 18B, Road No. 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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