The importance of architectural design for construction works

Architectural design is understood as a combination of fine arts, art, science, and technology and plays an important role when bringing a lot of value to construction work.

Importance of architectural design

The architectural design brings value to construction works reflected in the following aspects:

Optimizing usability

Architects are well-trained and have in-depth knowledge of design standards. Therefore, they will understand the standard sizes of areas and specific uses to bring a project to meet the needs of the investor.

Cost savings

If someone thinks that not designing architecture will save costs, it is a mistake. Because the cost of a set of design documents is only very small compared to the value of a project. However, the design of the building will help determine the necessary investment costs to project an appropriate budget. If there is no original design, the construction process will incur costs due to the situation of making mistakes that have to be redone or the concrete structure and reinforcement being too much.

New CC – a reputable design consultancy

Tan CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (New CC) has implemented thousands of valuable projects spread across the country. In particular, New CC has won many contracts to implement FDI projects, always demanding strictly on the contractor’s capacity and service quality standards.

Currently, customers not only want a project that meets the needs of customers, but also towards aesthetic, environmentally friendly factors, and cost optimization in the whole project life cycle. Therefore, New CC constantly strives to improve to bring customers the most professional and effective consulting service for each project.

New CC provides clients with design consulting services including:

  • Designing the master plan of the industrial park
  • The architectural design of industrial and civil works
  • Structural design
  • Infrastructure engineering design
  • Mechanical, electrical and refrigeration engineering design

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