Criteria for selecting the general contractor to ensure the quality and progress of the work

The selection of a reputable and experienced general contractor will help ensure the quality, technique, safety and handover of the project on schedule. Here are the criteria that need to be carefully considered when choosing a general contractor that you should know!

General contractor capacity

First, you must choose a reputable general contractor who has performed many large-scale projects, has documents proving the capacity for construction activities, and has many years of practical experience at the construction site. Human resources with professional qualifications, high expertise and a sufficient number of workers to meet the requirements of the project. At the same time, there must be strong financial resources, materials, technological equipment, warehouses for the construction of the works.


This is a criterion to pay attention to when choosing a contractor, because ensuring on time will help the project run on schedule. The investor needs to agree with the general contractor on the construction progress of each specific work item and have clear provisions in the contract on penalties for improper implementation.


Do not choose a general contractor with a low price because “price goes with quality”. They will not guarantee quality or incur additional costs during project implementation. In addition, some units offer low prices for customers to choose and then they will use bad construction materials, affecting the quality of the work.

The selection of a general contractor is very important, affecting the quality and progress of the project, so it is necessary to seek and choose a professional and fully capable unit to perform. Tan CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (New CC) is proud to be one of the EPC General Contractors chosen by many investors, including FDI investors. With 25 years of experience, New CC has implemented thousands of large and small projects, including FDI investors, and has received high trust and confidence from customers.

New CC’s prestige is increasingly affirmed in the market by implementing many large-scale construction projects such as: VINA ECO BOARD fiberboard factory (VECO) of SUMITOMO RINGYOU group Project, VSIP I INDUSTRIAL (Binh Duong) Project, FOOTWEAR PRODUCTION OF PROPERWELL-DUNG QUAT Project…

With experts from Japan, Singapore… and a large force of architects, engineers, workers, many years of experience in design and construction work across the country, New CC confidently brings to customers a suitable, quality project. Along with that, New CC is committed to providing customers with the best after-sales service, warranty, and maintenance.

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