New CC and development strategy during the epidemic

The Covid-19 epidemic brought the company difficulties and challenges, but also opportunities for New CC to restructure and develop stronger.

New CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd is one of the leading prestigious companies in Vietnam, specializing in providing design consulting services and management of industrial and commercial construction projects. After 25 years on the market, New CC has always been appreciated by customers and partners for its quality, professionalism and especially well-trained and experienced staff.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many difficulties and challenges not only for New CC but also for the whole world. During this period, New CC still maintains its human resources thanks to income from investment in factories for lease and its financial capacity.

Yet the pandemic pushed the company to reshape, restructure, innovate strategy – manage – execute to grow again after the pandemic. New CC invested in online marketing, digital transformation, and human resource development in order to quickly catch up with the flow of customers investing in Vietnam and in tune with the development trend of the changing world faster than ever.

In the coming time, the competition in the construction industry is expected to be more fierce after the pandemic. Besides maintaining strengths in the field of design consultancy – construction of FDI projects, New CC will increase investment in industrial real estate and hotels – serviced apartments to diversify financial sources to help the company maintain sustainable development, well prepared and ready to overcome many challenges ahead .

No matter what stage or circumstance is, New CC always maintains its commitment to “Long term maintenance” for customers under the permissible conditions. For new customers, New CC supports and interacts online to help customers have the best preparation to come to Vietnam to invest and build in the “new normal” era.

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