Monthly Report on Implementation status of Industrial Projects in Vietnam – October 2020

(HOUSELINK) –  In October 2020, foreign direct investment reached USD 2.3 billion, down 19% over the same period last year. However the average registered value of FDI projects increased 55.8% over the same period last year, reaching approximately USD 8.5 million per projects. It means although the number of registered projects is less, but the quality of FDI projects has been improved compared to the same period last year. 

With order to providing professionals with better insights, HOUSELINK’s Market Research team conducted the Monthly Report.basing on the data of industrial projects with a total investment of more than US $2 million on HOUSELINK platform.

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I. Socio – Economic overview

The combination of COVID-19 pandemic spreading worldwide, geopolitical uncertainties, and the high risk of economic crisis directly affects the foreign direct investment activities. 

II. The Implementation status of Industrial projects in October 2020  

1. Overview of the Implementation status of Industrial Projects in October 2020 

Once the pandemic has been controlled nationwide, Industrial construction has been accelerated in a new normal state. October 2020 witnessed strong growths, in both quantity and investment value of Industrial projects under planning and construction phases.

2. Industrial Projects planning for Construction 

a. Industrial projects planning for construction, by work types

Expansion of existing factories will be the developing trend in the coming period.

b. Industrial projects planning for construction by locations

An increasing number of large – scale projects are going to built in the central provinces. 

c. Industrial projects planning for construction by project types

Logistic centers witnessed a strong growth, both in quantity and investment value of projects going to be built in October 2020.

The spotlight in the industrial construction activities in October 2020 is the significant growth, in both quantity and investment value of logistic centers. While the number of projects increased by a humble amount of 27% (reaching 44 projects), the investment value of such projects reached USD 4.7 billion, up 189% over the previous month. This investment capital is expected to contribute for the improvement of under developed logistic infrastructure in the coming time.

d. Industrial projects planning for construction by investment forms

Direct domestic investment (DDI) form has an overwhelming number of projects and investment value compared with direct investment forms from others countries.

3. Industrial Projects under construction

a. Industrial projects under construction by work types

Besides developing brand-new factories, several investors have been expanding their existing factories. 

b. Industrial projects under construction by locations

A large number of projects has been build in the Red river delta and Southest regions. 

cIndustrial projects under construction by project types

Energy sector has the largest total investment value, of which renewable energy projects witnessed a significant growth

d. Industrial projects under construction by investment forms

Domestic direct investment (DDI) has been forming construction trend in upcoming period.

III. Top 10 outstanding Industrial construction projects in October 2020

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