Kume Design Asia brings Japanese-style design

How many projects has KDA invested in since coming to Vietnam?

Kume Design Asia (KDA) was established in Vietnam in 2009. We chose Vietnam because it is a market of great potential and has a talented workforce. We have three important design arrays: hotels, hospitals, and housing.

KDA has been involved in many prominent projects in Vietnam, such as Novotel Phu Quoc, Hotel Royal Hoi An, M-Gallery Collection, Hoa Lam Healthcare Park, Ecopark, and Bitexco Manor Central Park.

What are the differences between Vietnamese and Japanese architecture?

All things are different, from the climate, customs, culture, and daily life to construction techniques and construction materials. In terms of design, the biggest difference is the feeling of space. There are many different things in Japanese architecture that are very difficult to explain.

In terms of ecological architecture, which will be important in the future, Japan is trying to enclose buildings and control them entirely by machinery, while Vietnam is moving towards architecture that is in harmony with nature.

I think Japan should also apply the architectural style of outdoor living space like Vietnam.

What are KDA’s plans in Vietnam?

We will continue to design buildings to ensure they are energy saving, friendly on the environment, modern, sustainable, and consistent with the pace of social development. That is the special style of Japanese design.

We always apply strict standards in safety for our buildings against natural disasters or fires, as in Japan.

In particular, due to Hanoi having a great deal of groundwater, we wish to apply technology in the building of foundations.

What do you expect from the development of KDA in Vietnam?

In the future KDA wants to expand its human resources in Vietnam, followed by ASEAN countries. We believe that with the efforts of its entire staff in Vietnam KDA can become world class.

KDA Designs

1. Novotel Phu Quoc Resort (with hotel and villas)

Opened in January 2016, Novotel Phu Quoc Hotel has a total of 248 rooms. The design concept is simple, modern and innovative. The hotel is a combination between Asian and European styles and is harmonious with nature.

Novotel Phu Quoc Villas has 44 apartments with a total of 120 rooms. KDA designed the resort’s interiors and exteriors, including landscapes. Phu Quoc is a beautiful island not only surrounded by sea but also with lush green mountains. The modern design and sophistication of Novotel Phu Quoc Villas are in harmony with the beautiful nature of Phu Quoc Island and suitable for people who like quiet space.

2. Novotel Suites Hanoi

The design of Novotel Suites Hanoi creates a different aspect to the surrounding landscape on the busy street in Cau Giay district, becoming a highlight of the area.

The building uses air conditioning systems with high performance supported by the Joint Crediting Mechanism of Japan’s Ministry of Environment, with the aim of cutting emissions that cause the greenhouse effect.

The hotel is located in a developing area in the west of Hanoi, serving families or businesses working permanently in Vietnam.

Source: vneconomictimes

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