GEOTEC 2016 conference for Hanoi

The Foundation Engineering and Underground Construction JSC (FECON) will organize the 3rd international “Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructure Development” conference on November 24 and 25 at the JW Marriot Hotel Hanoi.

The main purposes of the conference is to exchange updated information, knowledge, and experience on the design, foundation and construction of infrastructure in order to ensure sustainable targets for all types of infrastructure projects, especially in the context of Vietnam’s global integration and climate change.

In recent years the role and importance of underground construction, foundations, and geotechnics have been increasingly highlighted and of concern at many national and international conferences,” said Mr. Pham Viet Khoa, Chairman of FECON and Chief Organizer of GEOTEC Hanoi 2016.

“Beside the latest research projects on underground construction, foundations and geotechnics, a great number of new problems have appeared along with differing complexity, of local, national, and international scale,” Mr. Khoa added.

There are five principle themes of the conference: deep foundations, underground construction and tunneling, ground improvement for infrastructure projects, coastal geotechnics for climate change, and monitoring, inspection, and maintenance.

The conference will present various high quality science and technology reports on underground construction, foundations and geotechnics, which will bring benefits to projects and the development of geotechnics in Vietnam and will contribute to stable infrastructure.

It is expected 500 participants will attend, based on the experience gained from the two previous conferences.

On the sidelines of the conference the Organizing Board will hold an exhibition with 50 stalls, for domestic and international companies and enterprises to introduce their related offerings.

The conference will now be held every three years to meet demand for scientific exchange and updates in technological advances from local and international scientists.

Source: Fecon

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