Fee for industrial wastewater treatment to be changed in 2021

The Government has issued a new decree on environmental protection fees for industrial wastewater treatment that will replace Decree 154 in 2016.

The new one, Decree 53/2020NĐ-CP, which will take effect in January 2021, regulates that the wastewater treatment fee is maximum VNĐ4 million per year for production and processing establishments which have volume of wastewater discharged of 20cu.m per day, compared to VNĐ1.5 million (US$63.8) as previously.

Accordingly, production and processing workshops which discharge from 10 to 20cu.m of wastewater per day will have to pay VNĐ4 million ($170) per year.

Workshops with wastewater volume of 5 to 10cu.m per day will have to pay VNĐ3 million per year.

The fee for workshops which discharge wastewater volume of less than 5cu.m per day is VNĐ2.5 million per year.

Production workshops which have released a volume of wastewater of more than 20cu.m a day will have to pay a fixed fee of VNĐ4 million a year and additional fee corresponding to environmental pollutants contained in wastewater such as chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), Arsenic (As) and Cadimium (Cd).

The fee for these environmental pollutants ranges from VNĐ2,000 to VNĐ20 million per kilogramme.

For example, the fee for COD will be VNĐ2,000 per kg and the highest fee is for mercury at VNĐ20 million per kg.

The fee for domestic wastewater treatment is planned to be equivalent to 10 per cent of the water price (VAT excluded).

Source: VNS

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