Marketing Talk #13: Unique Marketing ideas help construction businesses attract more customers

HOUSELINK with the advantage of technology platform and abundant data sources has helped construction businesses have many unique marketing ideas and attract customers.

Boost your social media presence

For most businesses today, social media is an ideal place to connect with an audience. Even many people say that Facebook is still a “fertile ground” for B2C businesses.

This is easy to explain because Digital Marketing is growing strongly, so construction businesses are no exception in social media promotion.

Of course, especially in the field of construction, it is not feasible to decide to use the service right on the network. But through social media, you can also build trust with potential customers, increasing the company’s image coverage to many people.

In fact, building and developing a community takes time and effort, especially for a construction business that wants to start this path from scratch. However, you don’t necessarily have to build everything from scratch that can fully take advantage of existing social network communities.

With its prestigious community in the construction industry, HOUSELINK will help your business share stories, knowledge and interact with the people who are most likely to become your customers in the future.

Participate in construction industry events, tradeshows

Attending trade shows is one of the effective and practical marketing methods for businesses in the construction industry. In addition to making connections with other vendors and businesses in the same industry, this is also your opportunity to find your target customers.

On the other hand, through such exhibitions, you can explore market needs, thereby coming up with new marketing ideas, more suitable for each time.

In this way, HOUSELINK will support your business to participate in activities such as seminars, industry exhibitions, investment promotion events, quarterly golf tournaments to enhance presence and exchange at community of industry leaders. Promote and present your brand naturally and prominently in places where potential customers are frequent.

Take advantage of Email Marketing for customers

With reasonable advertising costs and effective levels, Email Marketing has become an effective arm of many businesses today. Not stopping at interacting and retaining old customers, Email Marketing is also an effective advertising tool to potential customers.

Regular emailing to existing and potential customers helps businesses maintain brand presence, build loyalty, improve service quality, and grow revenue.

Based on technology and abundant data sources in the construction industry both domestically and internationally, HOUSELINK will conduct periodic email marketing campaigns to target customers. The content of the email will update the fluctuations of the industrial and real estate market, the movement of the production supply chain, ….to potential customers, partners, investors. And in the future may be your business will cooperate with them.

Promote PR and advertising for businesses

Articles with PR elements are also a good tool to promote and enhance brand reputation. However, it is still a concern for businesses to post on which channel and content effectively.

HOUSELINK with a prestigious community in the field of construction named VietnamConstruction will help you to post and share articles, stories of businesses, projects done… The information about your business will be crowded. businesses in the construction industry participate in reading and sharing, so your brand is known to more people.

In addition, with its advantages, HOUSELINK will support businesses through Pro-Contractors, Pro-Suppliers services. This is an effective information channel for businesses in the industry to quickly search, identify and seize opportunities in construction projects that are and are about to be implemented. In particular, the team of   HOUSELINK also provides consulting support for businesses to increase their ability to reach the right people, at the right job at the right time.

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