What factors are selected for a reputable EPC general contractor?

The EPC general contractor plays an important role for each construction project, we suggest the following factors to choose a reputable EPC general contractor.

What is an EPC General Contractor?

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction in English. EPC is a construction contract in which the EPC general contractor must perform all the work from technical design, procurement of materials and equipment, then construction on time and handover to the investor.

From that, it can be understood that EPC general contractors are companies providing EPC projects, responsible for performing EPC contracts in accordance with the contract signed with the principal. EPC General Contractor will be responsible for procuring and providing all materials, labor and all necessary services during the construction process. However, because of a lot of work, the EPC General Contractor will split it up by signing another contract with 3rd parties who are sub-contractors with enough expertise and capacity.

Factors to choose a reputable EPC general contractor

The investor relies on the following factors to choose a reliable and quality EPC general contractor:

EPC general contractor’s capacity

The capacity of the general contractor is reflected in the scale and number of projects implemented. In addition, there is a team of human resources with appropriate professional qualifications, expertise, and strong financial resources, materials, technological equipment, warehouses for construction.

Standard quality

A reputable EPC general contractor always ensures that projects are implemented on schedule, with criteria of sustainability, quality, safety, and cost optimization.

Providing comprehensive solutions

Synchronize from design consulting to construction to optimize construction costs and save operating costs. Depending on the size of each project, the EPC general contractor will offer flexible options for construction items.

Dedicated and professional warranty

The general contractor implements and closely inspects the construction process. At the same time, they also provide replacement solutions, maintenance even after the warranty.

Transparency during project implementation

The EPC general contractor will be transparent from project reception, consulting, bidding, implementation, handover to warranty and maintenance. Throughout the process, all financial plans are clearly disclosed.

Construction progress

In addition to technical qualifications and experience, a reputable general contractor always ensures the construction deadline in accordance with regulations, thereby bringing economic efficiency when the project is put into operation.

Tan CC Construction Consulting Co., Ltd – Prestigious EPC General Contractor

New CC’s leadership team knows that when providing customers with full-service construction services, they must be strong enough in finance, design experience, project management experience and construction techniques. From years of experience accumulated in project design and management, when choosing us as a full-service general contractor, New CC combines all the most important factors to complete the best project.

With experts from Japan, Singapore… and a large force of architects, engineers and workers with many years of experience in design and construction work across the country, New CC confidently deliver a suitable, quality project. Along with that, New CC is committed to providing customers with the best after-sales service, warranty, and maintenance.

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Address: 18B, Road No. 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Email: newcc@newcc.com.vn

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