Completing successfully the first wind turbine foundation of the 50MW Chinh Thang wind power project in Ninh Thuan province

The project is designing and installing 13 wind turbine units with a capacity of 3.0 MW and 3 wind turbine units of 3.6 MW with a total installed capacity of 50 MW. It is expected that at the end of the year, the first loop generator network will be connected, and the full capacity will be completed at the end of March next year. The smooth laying of the foundation of the first wind turbine was the first major milestone of this project, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the subsequent nodes.Trung Nam Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. is directly under China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. as the EPC general contractor. Targeting domestica and foreign markets, providing integrated building solutions for government agencies, financial institutions, investors, developers and project legal entities, mainly engaged in operations such as electrical planning research, consulting, engineering evaluation and survey, design, service, supervision, engineering general contractor, and proprietary technology product development related. Although in the project construction process faced many difficulties and challenges such as the spread of the epidemic to the world, but under the chairmanship of the Central South Institute, all participating units came to consensus. Together, the project is progressing smoothly.Ninh Thuan province, with the biggest potential of wind and solar power in the country, is gradually developing into a renewable energy center of Vietnam. The completion of the 50MW Chinh Thang wind power project will effectively reduce local stress on the local power supply demand, firmly ensuring the life and production of local people contribute to national energy security of Vietnam and promote local economic and social development.

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