Additional investment expansion of Deo Ngang pass tunnel Project

The Prime Minister has ideas about investing additional investment expansion of Deo Ngang pass tunnel project in the form of BOT.

In particular, the Prime Minister agreed to additional expansion category Deo Ngang Tunnel project on the construction of road tunnels through Deo Ngang in the form of BOT, keeping Deo Ngang toll stations to collect Payback charges.

Ministry of Transport responsible for evaluating and approving the revision project competence, current regulations, ensuring investment efficiency; at the same time, consistent with investors and the relevant authorities about the financial plan payback of the entire project.

Deo Ngang tunnel with a total length of 2,76km including, the path to the north and south tunnel is 1,9km, the length of the north bridge and the south tunnel 181m, 630m length tunnel traffic. Roadbed width of 12m, the Asphalt Pavement on subgrade macadam, vehicle design speed in tunnels 60km / hour.

The project has started km591 + 550 Ky Anh district (Ha Tinh province), endpoint km594 + 339 Quang Trach district (Quang Binh).

The investment expansion Deo Ngang Tunnel will meet traffic needs on Highway 1 running through the province of Ha Tinh and Quang Binh, paving and economic dynamics of social development, security and defense of 2 local and central region.

Earlier, the Prime Minister also agreed to apply the mechanism of investment projects on Route 1 of Hanoi – Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh Trail running through the Central Highlands region has been the Prime Minister allowed in Document No. 979 / TTg-KTN dated 07.05.2013 for investment expansion Deo Ngang Tunnel.

Transport Ministry decided to invest additional expansion Deo Ngang Tunnel on BOT construction projects Highway 1 bypass in the city of Ha Tinh and the selection of investments made within its competence, prescribed current.

Song Da Corporation proposed expansion Deo Ngang Tunnel with a total investment of more than 900 billion in the form of BOT.

Huong Le (Translated from Baodautu)

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