03 tips for Construction Businesses to develop your own community

A community is a social group of individuals living in the same environment and often sharing common interests. Community Development in Marketing is a blossoming trend, even for B2B businesses like in the construction industry. Here are 03 tips for Business Building to develop community, keep up with modern marketing trends and expand business.

Before embarking on community development, identify the position you want to build in your community

Ask yourself, who are you in the community? Where do you locate your business in the construction community? How do you want to build your brand image?

We build VietnamConstruction is a specific information page about the construction industry, providing general information of the construction industry in general and businesses in particular. We want to become a reputable company, anyone who wants to learn about the construction industry comes to us. That is how the VietnamConstruction team positions itself in community development. How do you position your business?

Confidently share your brand story

After you’ve identified the brand image you want to show in your community, share your story. It can start with the basics, depending on your goal of building a community. You can also start to talk about the history of the business, the difficulties encountered, the achievements … from here.

Make use of existing communities

Building and developing a community takes time and effort, especially for a Construction Enterprise that wants to start this road from scratch. However, you don’t have to build everything from scratch. You can take advantage of existing communities, thereby sharing stories, knowledge and interactions to make them your own community – who are more likely to become your customers in the future. 

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