Top pre-engineered steel and steel structure enterprises in Vietnam 2021

Currently, facing the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still breaking out in Vietnam as well as in the world, supply chains are disrupted, investment projects are reduced. The recent decline in the number of investment projects has led to fierce competition in the construction industry. The price of construction materials in the country has continuously increased in recent times, especially steel material industry. This has greatly affected the production and business activities of many industries and fields, including enterprises producing prefabricated steel and steel structural.

The market of pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures from now to 2027 will continue to follow a strong uptrend with a CAGR of 13.6%. The industry value globally will reach 30 billion USD in 2027, of which the region with the largest market share is still Asia Pacific with 43%-52%, the annual growth rate is approximately 16%.

Boasting a network of potential investors around the world, HOUSELINK wishes to find a solution to support enterprises producing prefabricated steel structural steel to seek new markets outside of Vietnam. Solving problems in the short term, as well as in the long term, promoting sustainable development also minimizes fierce competition in the domestic market.

HOUSELINK, based on 6 criteria to conduct a large-scale survey as more than 300 enterprises/manufactories, focuses on enterprises in the Pre-engineered Steel Buildings & Steel Structures industry throughout Vietnam. The collected data is appraised and classified by HOUSELINK. The criteria given by HOUSELINK to rank include: (1) Finance (revenue, profit, total assets), (2) Human Resource, (3) Technology and management, (4) Experience, (5) Trademark, (6) Cultural.

It can be clearly seen that the market share of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings & Steel Structures in the past 3 years 2018-2019-2020 is still familiar large enterprises such as ATAD; Dai Dung, BMB, PEB, Zamil, Seico,… In terms of financial factors (revenue, profit, and total assets), ATAD Steel Structure Corporation holds the leading position. The official report is released by HOUSELINK through the report Top pre-engineered steel and steel structure enterprises in Vietnam 2021.

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Gin Nguyen – Vietnamconstruction

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