As real estate-obsessed Star Wars fans, the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens got us thinking about all the iconic buildings and massive industrial complexes left abandoned or otherwise underutilized after the events in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

While quality real estate investments might be scarce here on Earth, it seems like there are whole worlds of opportunity in that galaxy far, far away.

Here are the top 5 properties in Star Wars that we’d love to own a share of:

5. Endor Luxury Treetops

The Ewoks made a big splash on the galactic scene when they aided the Rebels in their demolition of the shield generator protecting Death Star II. Business from “war tourists” has boomed and the little furballs are profiting handsomely.

  • Property Type: Multi-Family
  • Occupancy: Vacant
  • Development Phase: Ground-Up
  • Location: Endor

While older Ewoks seem to be content with their primitive treehouse dwellings, there is a strong demand among the younger generation for luxury tree lofts. Endor Luxury Treetops will feature the finest in high design, including a moonroof in every unit, flooring made from reclaimed Imperial starship armor, and micro-transit via a built-in network of rope swings.

4. Kuat Drive Yards Repositioning

While orders for TIE fighters and Star Destroyers fell off a cliff following the Empire’s crushing series of defeats, galactic trade and travel have resumed at levels not seen since the beginning of the Clone Wars. As a result, demand for freighters and personal luxury yachts is at an all-time high, especially since so many civilian ships were destroyed or repurposed during the war.

  • Property Type: Industrial
  • Occupancy: 100% Occupied
  • Development Phase: Stabilized
  • Location: Geosynchronous Orbit, Kuat

This is an opportunity to invest in a stabilized, cash-flowing industrial property whose sponsor, Kuat Drive Yards, produced some of the most fearsome military vehicles used during the Galactic Civil War. Kuat will use Fundrise investors’ capital to free up some of their own equity for a repositioning initiative as the galaxy’s premier builder of civilian starships.

3. Tibanna Mining Complex Acquisition

As a key ingredient in blaster weapon energy cells and many varieties of starship hyperdrives, tibanna gas remains a staple commodity in the galactic economy. This tibanna mining complex on the gas giant Bespin was operated by the former owner, Lando Calrissian, for several years with modest profitability.

  • Property Type: Industrial
  • Occupancy: 100% Occupied
  • Development Phase: Value-Add
  • Location: Cloud City, Bespin

The sponsor, Calrissian’s former assistant Lobot, has acquired the facility from Calrissian at an attractive cost basis after his rapid departure to join the Rebel Alliance. Lobot believes that upgrading the mining equipment to state-of-the-art units and hiring professional off-world Bith engineers will increase production by at least 50%.

2. Jedi Temple Temporary Repositioning

The Jedi Temple was illegally occupied by Emperor Palpatine for the duration of the Galactic Civil War and now stands vacant. With the Jedi Order devastated by the conflict and numbering only one known member, they don’t need this much space for their headquarters.

  • Property Type: Office
  • Occupancy: Vacant
  • Development Phase: Value-Add
  • Location: Galactic City, Coruscant

The project’s sponsor, the Jedi Trust, overseen by Master Luke Skywalker, plans to temporarily lease out the Temple while the Jedi rebuild their ranks, using the rental income to fund expeditions to locate other Force-sensitive beings throughout the galaxy.

The subject property is one of the most historic buildings on the core world of Coruscant and offers a 10-rotation NNN lease of over 2.5 million square meters of Class-A Trophy office and coworking space to any intergalactic startup or corporation looking to expand their operations.

Investor capital will be used to market the property and fund tenant improvements.

1. Jabba’s Palace Redevelopment

Tatooine has long been ignored by most of the galaxy due to its harsh desert climate and remote location away from major trade routes. This has resulted in centuries of rampant lawlessness and poverty. However, Tatooine has been targeted for massive terraforming grants as part of the New Republic’s Outer Rim Revitalization Initiative, which aims to improve stricken planets and create new homes for millions of war refugees.

  • Property Type: Mixed-Use
  • Occupancy: Vacant
  • Development Phase: Value-Add
  • Location: Dune Sea, Tatooine

The subject property is located on the edge of Dune Sea and was formerly occupied by crime lord Jabba the Hutt. After terraforming is complete, the Dune Sea will be transformed into a warm, shallow ocean, making the Palace ideally suited for use as a seaside resort.

The property is well-equipped with multiple starship docking bays, an advanced security system and a dungeon / rancor pit which is ideal for conversion into a wine cellar. Intensive environmental remediation may be necessary.

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