Technology for sustainable energy development

Technology for sustainable energy development – Given its rapidly growing demand for energy, Vietnam is seeking to master renewable energy technologies and promote technology transfer to enhance the local content of such technologies and equipment and to avoid dependence on imports.

Despite its significant development, the energy sector still faces major challenges. Specifically, as the economy continues to grow rapidly, so does the demand for an increase in the proportion of new and renewable energy sources, and more efficient use of traditional energy sources.

Technology for sustainable energy development

Dat said one of the important strategies for the energy sector is to promote cooperation between research institutes and the business world in technology transfer and human resource development. The support of state management agencies and foreign investors to help businesses access advanced technologies is also necessary.

Vietnam has huge potential for renewable energy development to replace fossil energy sources and minimize environmental impacts. The Vietnamese government has set a target of having renewable energy account for 20% of the power system’s total output by 2030. Therefore, mastering technologies in renewable energy is underlined.

In terms of greater energy efficiency, the fourth industrial revolution with its smart devices and artificial intelligence will help reduce about 30% of inefficient energy use. However, Vietnam has not kept pace with the development of such advanced technologies.

In the science and technology development strategy by 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology has paid attention to mastering technologies for manufacturing medium- and large-capacity equipment for thermal power and hydropower plants, conducting research on new types of energy, and seeking energy efficiency solutions.

However, the state needs to devise mechanisms and policies to support production units in technology innovation and offer import tax exemptions for technological lines and equipment.

Using renewable energy sources together with enhancing energy efficiency in production in order to reduce costs and minimize negative impacts on the environment is emerging as a pressing issue.


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