Smart Bricks – A New Way to Build

Just by looking at the Smart Bricks developed by Kite Bricks, you can see that they were inspired by Lego. These building blocks have knobs on the top, and they connect exactly like Lego pieces do. Smart Bricks are held in place using rebar, with pieces of different shapes layered in the design.

Instead of using cement, the bricks are held together with a strong, double-sided adhesive. On the inside of the building, interchangeable panels with patterns can be attached to the bricks. These panels would remove the need for drywall and painting. There are also pieces to build floors and ceilings. The centers of the blocks are empty, leaving room for insulation, plumbing pipes, and electrical wires.

The bricks would lead to better thermal energy control, greater versatility in construction, and lower construction costs of about 50 percent.

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