Revised Construction Law project

On November 27, explaining the opinions on the revised construction law project, Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha said that it would adjust and supplement the Law project on the basis of acquisition. At the same time, the Minister proposed the Government and the National Assembly to supplement some contents in the revised law.

Minister Pham Hong Ha explained revised construction law.

Answering the delegates about the consistency of the legal system, Minister Pham Hong Ha said that the construction law relates to 18 current laws and 3 Law projects being submitted to the National Assembly, the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Dike Law and the Disaster Prevention Law. Therefore, ensuring the consistency has been paid attention by the Drafting Board, carefully reviewed and evaluated by the concerned ministries which are being submitted to the National Assembly.

After reviewing and evaluating the contents, there will be a proposal to the National Assembly for adjusting related items. The Government also issued Decree No. 139 in 2017 providing for sanctions against administrative violations in construction investment activities. Accordingly, since January 1, 2018, there was no longer any penalty for the existence of all works that violating to the planning and construction permits.


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