Monthly Report on Implementation of Industrial Projects in Vietnam – July 2020

(HOUSELINK) – HOUSELINK’s Market Research team conducted Monthly Report to provide better insights about investment and implementation status of Industrial Projects in Vietnam.

Basing on the data of industrial projects with a total investment of more than US $2 million (equivalent to VND 46 billion) with foreign direct investment (FDI) and domestic direct investment (DDI) on HOUSELINK platform, we have conducted data collecting, analyzed and formulated report on projects under construction in July 2020, as well as projects planning for construction (in the stage of planning, design, bidding) within 2020.

In July 2020, the total foreign direct investment is USD 3.1 trillion, up 77% compared to the same period last year. In which, foreign investors seem to be more active in capital contribution and purchasing shares of existing enterprises, with such investment value reaching USD 1.1 billion, increasing by 175 percent compare to July 2019.

Total foreign direct investment capital implemented in July 2020 reached 1.45 billion USD, the lowest among the three most recent years.

From Jul 1 2020 to Jul 31 2020, manufacturing and processing industry received the largest value of newly registered FDI– USD 519.5 million, ccounting for 74 percent of total newly register capital. It is followed by the real estate businesses with USD 159.5 million), equivalent to 23 percent. Wholesaling, retailing, repairing automobiles, motorcycles businesses ranked third, accounting for 2 percent of total newly registered capital in July 2020.

The number of projects in bidding process inclining sharply in July 2020, with project amount in other stages remaining unchanged partially reveals that the current status of COVID – 19 pandemic has affected to the Investment Owners, hence they postponed the commencement of industrial construction nationwide.

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Highlighted content

I. Socio – Economic overview

1. Foreign direct investment

2. Industrial production

3. Import and export of goods

4. Business registration

5. Consumer price index and inflation


1. Overview of the implementation status of industrial projects in July 2020

2. Industrial projects planning for construction

a. Industrial projects planning for construction by work type

b. Industrial projects planning for construction by locations

c. Industrial projects planning for construction by project types

d. Industrial projects planning for construction by investment forms

3. Industrial projects under construction

a. Industrial projects under construction by work types

b. Industrial projects under construction by location

c. Industrial project under construction by project types

d. Industrial projects under construction by investment forms


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