Marketing Talk #5: New customer outreach strategies help Construction Enterprises step out of the “comfort zone”

The Construction Market changes so fast with the impact of technology, it is time for Construction Enterprises to step out of the “comfort zone” and apply new business strategies.

In the modern world, buyers, whether B2C or B2B clients, are more cautious about their decisions. They have enough means to learn about suppliers who are offering their products or services to them. The sales race pushed Marketers out of their comfort zones, updated with new marketing trends, effective customer outreach strategies to bring valuable materials to the Sales team.

Here are some customer outreach strategies that have been researched and proposed by HOUSELINK for Construction Enterprises:

Understand Clients of your Clients

B2B marketing and business development people always attach great importance to understanding clients, which is also a guideline for the business activities of the enterprises. However, it is necessary to clarify, understanding clients is not just about understanding their products or services, development history or future plans. A more closely related aspect of understanding clients is getting to know their clients.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, look for commonalities, patterns, and trends between your clients and their clients. What are they interested in? What is disrupting their business? .. And how can you help your clients strengthen their position in this community?

Answering these questions, you have gathered valuable information for the Sales team of the Enterprise. And among them, there will be people who will become Important Customers to your Business.

Properly exploit your brand’s story

Before you start telling your story, take some time to read and explore for a bit. What would you like to find out while reading about a Business? It could be a story, it could be a contact, it could be just a locator. The most important thing when it comes to telling a brand story is to place the story where you tell it, in addition to writing it well and engaging.

HOUSELINK would like to share with you a brand storytelling formula, which we believe is relatively close to contemporary international standards:

Brand story telling needs plan and fomula to be more scientific and efficient

Connect, Connect and Connect

Connection is not just a contact point or  information. You may have thousands of phone numbers collected from a certain source, but if you do not take advantage of it effectively, the sales opportunity will slip out of your hands in a blink of an eye.

The connection on the HOUSELINK system is the communication between members on our platform. You choose and evaluate your partners. You are presented with competence, persuading target customers. You are involved in communities and community activities with people who may become your customers. That is the opportunity and connection.

Marketing is a process that needs constant impact

Just like you, your prospect will have many issues to take care of and they will quickly forget about you if they are not reminded in time. Please provide knowledge regularly and continuously by writing articles, emails according to a certain schedule.

This doesn’t mean you will have to create new content every day. All you have to do is plan your articles, write them when you can, and schedule them to be published. Publish continuously instead of spending time each day writing small pieces of content.

Plan to write about yourself online – in a scientific, objective and informative manner. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of this periodic free supply of knowledge!

Applying Sales tips in Marketing at the right time

Marketing and Sales are two separate divisions, with their own tasks, using resources and communicating in different languages. However, they share a common goal: to reach potential customers, bring value to customers and thereby create profits for the business. A business that finds a common voice between the two departments and applies “tips” to make Sales into Marketing will increase customer experiences and be more successful in Marketing campaigns.

Read the article about this strategy here!

HOUSELINK provides comprehensive Marketing solutions – helping Construction Enterprises improve market development methods. HOUSELINK’s platform is fully integrated with the necessary technology features so that businesses can easily manipulate, perform the management and development of their Online Marketing.

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