Japan’s JGC awarded solar power generation project in Vietnam

Sumitomo Corporation is promoting a green energy plan with the implementation of power supply facilities with several hundred megawatts of green electricity in their overseas industrial parks (IPs) as well as beyond IPs, which includes the Thang Long IP I, II, and III in Vietnam.

This project will serve to supply green electricity to tenant companies at Thang Long IP II. JGC Corporation, in partnership with JGC Vietnam, will execute the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) work for the approximately 1MW solar power generation facility.

JGC has an abundant experience in the EPC execution of solar power generation projects in both domestic and overseas sites. The experience, combined with the ability to propose solutions that help to materialise the green energy plan promoted by Sumitomo Corporation, is seen as having been the major factor in the awarding of the contract to JGC.

JGC Group believes that comprehensive energy management solutions, such as the integration of energy storage systems and existing facilities, as well as the introduction of virtual power plant (VPP) solutions, are essential to increasing the capacity of renewable energy.

Sumitomo said earlier this month that it began the construction of the solar power generation facility in November and that it aims to start commercial operations next March.

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