Important criteria for choosing the right construction consulting company

Most investors hire a construction consulting company with the aim of creating quality, perfect and cost-optimized works. However, how to choose a reputable and reliable construction consulting company is not easy. Take a look at some of the criteria below!

Long experience

Experience is something that is built up over the years and cannot be bought or replaced. An experienced company will quickly grasp trends, handle issues quickly and efficiently.

When working with a team of long-term experts, the investor will receive useful advice and plans, ensure the project goes smoothly, on schedule, and handle arising situations more smoothly.

Prestige in the market

This is an important factor that many investors pay attention to when choosing a construction consulting company. The company’s reputation in the market is recognized through customer satisfaction in terms of service quality and works that leave a unique mark.

A reputable company will have a staff of highly specialized, experienced, professional and dedicated working styles… When working with them, you will be assured of the quality and progress of the work completed according to the plan.

Reasonable price

Currently, most companies have quotes, you can ask for a quote to compare and consider. If the difference is not significant, you should prioritize choosing reputable and experienced units in the market.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the clarity and transparency in costs. All numbers are carefully calculated, minimizing costs incurred and giving specific estimates to the investor.

Customer support policy

The staff of the construction consulting company must be a good listener and give reasonable advice to the investor. In addition, the company must also have a warranty when the project has minor problems after a long time of use.

Many units even have a policy to support remediation, at no charge or at a very low cost for works that are out of warranty, to help customers feel secure to use the works.

New CC – reliable construction consulting address of the investor

If you are struggling and still can’t find a construction consultant that meets your requirements, then come to New CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd immediately! With a team of experienced experts, engineers, and our professional working style, we will certainly help you find the best and most economical ideas.

With experience in participating in more than 100 Japanese FDI projects, New CC understands and applies Japan’s strict labor safety and quality management standards in design and construction consulting. Meanwhile, we ensure competitiveness not only in quality but also in construction cost. New CC is highly appreciated by customers by the criterion “Japanese quality – local price”.

New CC provides free support and advice for investors from the very first steps when they first set foot in Vietnam. In particular, New CC commits and applies the policy of “Long-term warranty”, in which we still support repair at no charge or at a very low cost even though the warranty period has passed.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us via:

Hotline: (+84) 028 3864 1262

Address: 18B, Road No. 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



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