Hoa Binh invests in HCMC Hi-tech Park

In the morning on 03rd February 2016, in the building of HCMC Hi-tech ParkManagement Committee, the investment certificate of Hoa Binh Innovation Center was provided to Hoa Binh Construction and Real Estate Corporation (HBC). This project is located at the intersection of D1 and D2 of high-tech zone with an area of 2.5 ha.

Accordingly, Hoa Binh Innovation Center will become a science and technology center, a symbol of creativity that attracts the investors, high-tech enterprises, international scientists to come to work with the objectives:
• Constructing the center to be a place for incubators, start-up businesses, research and development, innovation and leading technology transfer of the country which have the big scope in Southeast Asia with professional staff resource, high technology, and modern infrastructure in order to obtain the advanced level in the world, as well as maintain the international cooperation relationships with many countries having developed science and technology.
• This building is a meeting place of scientists, experts, researchers, investors of multidisciplinary and the research students from the universities who will work together to improve the scientific breakthroughs with the investment, the financial support from the risk fund, the technology company, and the Government’s ministries.
According to Mr. Le Viet Hai, Chairman cum CEO, the company’s ambition is to bring Hoa Binh to become a prestigious and powerful corporation with international level to contribute to improve the pride and Vietnam brand value in the world. In order to complete this mission, Hoa Binh Innovation Center is a key driver to realize this aspiration.

Source: Hbcr

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