HOUSELINK launches new technology platform that connects the construction industry

On April 12, 2019, the “HOUSELINK GOLF TOURNAMENT 2019” was organized by HOUSELINK JSC., in collaboration with prestigious construction companies such as CJSC, ATAD, NS Bluescope, CPT Steel, AAC, CC105 , Hicon … with the participation of more than 100 golfers from large enterprises in the supply chain of construction industry has been successfully organized.

With the message “For The Cohesion Of The Construction Industry” , through sports activities and rich side events, this is an opportunity for businesses in the construction industry in Vietnam, from project owners and real estate developers to consultants, contractors, suppliers can communicate, connect, and strengthen cooperation.

Right after the sporting event, HOUSELINK had a meeting to introduce the new system, to introduce to the community of enterprises in the construction industry of E-commerce system HOUSELINK at

The system has been researched and developed by HOUSELINK for many years. This is a new technology platform that enhances the connection and interaction between construction industry units, based on the power of data, market insights and reputable connectivity networks.

At the launch, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, founder and CEO of HOUSELINK, said: “This is an objective evaluation channel for contractors, suppliers and other related parties, orient them to operate more professionally. With HOUSELINK ranking tool built on prestigious international standards, project owners can easily find suitable and reliable contractors, suppliers, reduce risk for their projects.

Through the prestigious construction business community, HOUSELINK is changing the way project owners and construction professionals work together. Using the latest technology, we connect industry experts and provide effective and cost-saving communication platforms, to build trust quickly, and to facilitate cooperation between the parties.”

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, General Director of HOUSELINK JSC.,

According to experts, the contractor factor has a great influence on the implementation of investment projects, but so far Vietnam has not yet had an effective set of criteria to properly evaluate the capacity of contractors. Businesses that are incompetent by some way can still become contractors of many construction projects in Vietnam.

The confusion in assessing contractor capacity is creating an unequal competitive environment in the construction industry. This is also one of the reasons why many investment projects in Vietnam are delayed, incurred costs or fail to ensure the initial technical quality and requirements.

The project owners and contractors themselves have to face many difficulties in evaluating and ranking businesses, which will be fair, public, transparent and favorable conditions for them during the bid process.

Sharing at the event, Mr. Huynh Ngoc Dong, Chairman of ATAD Steel Structure Corporation, highly appreciated the efforts of HOUSELINK in transparency of construction market, creating a level playing field for contractors, bring high efficiency for construction works in Vietnam.

Mr. Huynh Ngoc Dong, Chairman of ATAD Steel Structure Jsc.,

Not only that, this also means to encourage all contractors regardless of whether they are big or small, who want to change, improve themselves, be bigger and better, then the society will have a basis to evaluate and looking for contractors. When we look at the actual capacity of Vietnamese contractors, that is the development opportunity for Vietnamese contractors.

In the industrial revolution 4.0, online bidding as well as building contractors’ databases is very important. These are the two powerful solutions that HOUSELINK System brings to the Vietnamese construction community.

By committing to the terms of use of HOUSELINK, businesses can post project information, bid plans, notice of interest, announcements of offers, bidders, etc. simplify the bidding process, as well as save the cost and time of bidding for both project owners and contractors.

Similarly, the system also helps contractors and suppliers to easily access appropriate projects, participate in a fair and transparent bid, demonstrate the capacity and reputation of enterprises with the Professional Profiles that are certified, rated and objectively evaluated on the System.

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