HOUSELINK Golf Tournament 2019 – For the Cohesion of the Construction Industry

HOUSELINK Golf Tournament 2019 will be held at Long Bien Golf Course on April 12, 2019, with the participation of more than 100 golfers from key players in the construction supply chain. 

The event is organized by HOUSELINK JSC., in collaboration with prestigious units in construction industry such as NS Blusope, CPT SteelCJSCATADAACCC105HiconFuji IP

The tournament has 3 Divisions A, B, and C with an attractive prizes structure. Golfers also have the opportunity to conquer the Hole-in-one prize of a Mercedes C200, 4 Hole-in-one prizes which value 100 million VND per each one, and many other valuable prizes.

With the slogan “For the Cohesion of the Construction Industry”, through the tournament’s activities and events, this is an opportunity for businesses in Vietnam’s construction industry supply chain, from project developers, real estate developers to consultants, contractors and suppliers can exchange, connect, and tighten their cooperative relationships.

If you are interested, please register before March 27, 2019 for the best support.

To register please visit:

For further information, special requirements or sponsorship, please contact us directly at: 082 449 8787 or email:

HOUSELINK JSC., is a construction market consultant in Vietnam, established in 2010. HOUSELINK is an information channel to help investors find, compare and select suitable contractors and and know more about contractors based on their customers’ reviews and comments. With strong research and development in technology, HOUSELINK also helps contractors and suppliers have more opportunities to access construction projects according their strengths and expertise. This is a channel to objectively evaluate contractors and orient contractors to operate in a professional manner.


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