Hawee Vietnam – Signing Ceremony of a solar power project in Lao PDR

It is a collaboration between Blueberg Company Limited, Thailand by Ms Ayadanaree Amatsena, Mr. Pume Sriratanavongsa, Hawee Energy Company in Vietnam by Mr. Saemawanchai and Zoe Creativity, Japan by Mr. Iwamoto Yoshitaka and Thaisport international, Power Energy (Thailand), Consultant SEF Group Singapore, Bangkok Bank PCL, Financial Advisor to set up a solar power project

There are 2 MOUs and 2 EPC projects between Blueberg Co., Ltd., Thailand and Zoe Creation of Japan, Hawee Energy from Vietnam, and contractual partners from various companies who have joined the signing.

Both projects, MOU and EPC, will be operated at the same time. Through efforts, determination, and strong cooperation. To develop solar energy use projects Get the most out of In developing countries Cooperative Relationship building Good together. Between Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Lao PDR, China, and Singapore.

The signing ceremony for the solar energy project was signed among the parties in the midst of the honorable guests, such as: Special Professor Dr. Yuwat Wuttimethee, Dr. Kraiwat Srivuttiwong, Gen. Sonthaya Sricharoen, Senator, Air Chief Marshal Yuttanachaiwan Special Expert of the Royal Thai Air Force, Acting Lieutenant Wong Siam Peng Phanichpakdee, Senator, and VIP guests came to witness the signing of this contract.


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