Eye industry 4.0 to attract FDI: Experts

It’s time Vietnam shift its attention to quality and sustainable development and eye industry 4.0 technologies to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), experts said at an online dialogue on FDI promotion strategies organised on Tuesday in Hanoi.

Three decades since the Law on Foreign Investment was issued in December 1987, FDI has become an important part of the Vietnamese economy, although it has also brought with it problems such as environment pollution, outdated technologies, transfer pricing and below-expectation technology transfer.

During the event held by nhadautu.vn, Mr. Đặng Xuân Quang, deputy director of the Vietnam Foreign Investment Agency, said the country needs to review the policies of attracting FDI towards ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In particular, industry 4.0 should also be taken into account to attract FDI, Mr. Quang said.

“It is incorrect to say developing countries cannot approach industry 4.0. We still can participate in the fourth industrial revolution if we follow the right path and find the right niche,”

Mr. Quang said selecting appropriate FDI would help Vietnam engage deeper in industry 4.0.

Mr. Nguyễn Mại, chairman of the Vietnam Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises, said industry 4.0 would have significant impact on every rule, every economy and every industry, adding that new technologies would lead to changes in power, cause security concerns and have an impact on the gap between the rich and the poor.

Vietnam should focus on attracting FDI in hi-technology sectors that generate high added value, such as information technology, electronics, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, as well as virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing and big data, along with automation, new materials, education, R&D and healthcare, he said.

“It is critical to say no to polluting projects,” Mr. Mại stressed.

According to Mr. Nguyễn Văn Phúc, former chairman of the National Assembly’s Economic Committee, comprehensive evaluation should be undertaken on FDI attraction. “It’s time Vietnam not longer remains lax while attracting FDI, but is selective, to ensure capital flows according to the country’s targets.”

Mr. Phan Hữu Thắng, former director of the Vietnam Foreign Investment Agency, said policies should highlight responsibilities of FDI investors towards Vietnam, especially in technology transfer and promoting Vietnamese firms to become suppliers of foreign firms and engage deeply in the global value chain.

Vietnam also needs to improve its legal framework, especially in competition and ownership, Mr. Võ Trí Thành, former deputy director of the Central Institute for Economic Management, said.

As of September 20, there were 24,200 existing FDI projects nationwide, with total registered capital of US$310 billion, 54 per cent of which was disbursed, so far.

In 2016, FDI sector contributed 50 per cent to Vietnam’s industrial production and 18.6 per cent to the State budget collection.

Source: Vietnam News

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