Environmental protection violations to attract $89,000 fine

The highest administrative fine for individuals caught violating regulations related to environmental protection is VNĐ1 billion (US$44,400), and the highest fine for an organisation is VNĐ2 billion ($88,800).

This is one of the regulations in the Government’s Decree 155/2016/NĐ-CP on administrative penalties in the environmental protection sector.

The decree has detailed regulations on the methods, levels of punishment, measures for strengthening consequences for violators and inspections in the sector.

Violations related to environmental protection that are mentioned in the decree include violations of laws governing waste management, machines, the import of materials and biological substances and mineral exploitation.

It also includes violations related to biological diversity, natural ecology and animal protection.

Under the decree, individuals caught violating regulations on environmental protection in industrial zones, export processing zones, trading zones and trade villages will be fined VNĐ5 million to VNĐ500 million ($220-$22,200) depending on the level of the violation.

Individuals found violating regulations on waste discharge, especially harmful waste, will be fined VNĐ300,000-VNĐ1 billion ($13-$44,400).

Individuals caught violating regulations related to sea environment protection will be fined VNĐ250 million-VNĐ1 billion ($11,100-$44,400).

The penalty for organisations found flouting the same regulations will be double that of an individual.

Source: VNS

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