Construction materials for future works

“Construction Materials for Future Buildings – Existing Situation and Development Trend” was the theme of the workshop organized by the Construction Newspaper in cooperation with the Institute of Building Materials on October 13th in Hanoi.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Nguyen Anh Dzung, Editor-in-chief of the Construction Newspaper, emphasized: “Smart cities have become the trend of development, meeting the perfect demand of people. The workshop was a bridge between policy makers and enterprises. It is a chance to exchange ideas on policy reform and development of new materials in the future.

Dr. Le Trung Thanh – Director of Institute for Building Materials – Ministry of Construction said: “In the future, construction works are increasingly focused on durability, energy savings, the cost of production and construction, adaptation to the climate at the construction sites. Therefore, some major orientations for future development of construction materials should focus on materials such as cement, building materials, sanitary ware, building materials, roofing, building materials, new building materials.

In recent years, Vietnam is one of the leading countries in infrastructure investment. A number of infrastructure projects have been constructed and completed, transport systems have been expanded, seaports and airports have been upgraded and expanded to facilitate transportation, raw materials and transportation as well as all types of building materials. Beside favorable conditions, the materials industry also encountered many difficulties in the market and competition of foreign materials.

In order to develop sustainable building materials, harmonious economic, social and environmental factors, meeting the needs of domestic construction and export, in the coming time, we need to focus on perfecting mechanisms and policies. The development and promulgation of specific policies should be developed to support enterprises in new material industries, including trade promotion, business linkages, investment promotion, technology renewal and human resource training.


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