Ministry of Construction submits decree draft of Architectural Law

(Construction) – Architectural Law No. 40/2019/QH14 passed by the 14th National Assembly at the 7th session on June 13, 2019, effective July 1, 2020.

To ensure the implementation of the Law, the Ministry of Construction has recently submitted to the Government a draft decree detailing a number of articles of the Architectural Law.

The draft decree consists of 4 chapters and 34 articles. Regarding architectural management, the draft decree contains regulations relating to valuable architectural works; architecture management regulations; entrance examination of architectural plans. Accordingly, for valuable constructions, the draft decree provides for evaluation according to two criteria: the value of architectural art, landscape and historical and cultural values.

Based on the evaluation criteria, the provincial People’s Committee classifies architectural works into 02 categories and decides measures and funding for managing, protecting, renovating, embellishing and promoting architectural values.

Regarding architectural management regulations, the draft decree details the order of formulation, evaluation and approval of architectural management regulations; time for making, appraising and approving regulations; collecting opinions and announcing regulations; review and evaluate the implementation of the regulations; funding for establishment and implementation of architectural management regulations.

Before submitting to the Government, the Ministry of Construction and the Drafting Board have seriously studied, absorbed and explained the appraisal opinions of the Ministry of Justice, and other comments to revise the Draft Decree. Right after the Decree is issued by the Government, the Ministry of Construction will issue a circular providing detailed guidance on architectural design documents and practice certificates.


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