Bac Giang Province implements industrial promotion schemes

Bac Giang Province Trade and Industry Promotion Center has implemented industrial promotion schemes and completed half of its assigned plan since the second quarter of 2019.

Bac Giang Province implements industrial promotion schemes

The center has just cooperated with the Hang Anh Cooperative (Huong Vi Commune, Yen The District) to complete and conduct inspection of a project for automatic tea bag packing machines as a part of the local industrial promotion program. According to the results, the machine helped create a variety of tea products with good quality and beautiful design, significantly boosting the profits of the Hang Anh Cooperative.

The center has also completed other projects, such as rice drying systems for the Bac Giang Tung Chi Chu Rice Noodles Cooperative, the Hoai Khuong Food Production and Consumption Cooperative and the Que Hang Chau Son Rice Noodles Production and Consumption Cooperative. It has also supported the application of humus grinding machine in mushroom production in the Hung Vuong Agricultural and Multi-sectoral Development Cooperative.

As for vocational training, the center coordinated with related units to train 25 laborers from Lien Chung Commune, Tan Yen District in carpentry and improve carpentry skills for 50 trainees in Dinh Tri Commune, Bac Giang City.

The center has also carried out a number of activities concerning the development of typical rural industrial products, trade promotion, and information dissemination on industrial promotion policies.

A representative from the Bac Giang Province Trade and Industry Promotion Center said that in 2019, the northeastern province has been assigned 25 industry promotion projects, including 23 at local and two at national level. Although the center completed 50 percent of this year’s plan in the first six months, the job in the second half remains hard due to many tasks covering a wide range of areas such as industrial promotion, trade promotion, and industrial development consultancy.

In order to finish the tasks early and achieve good results for the whole year, the center will provide guidance and reach consensus with beneficiaries regarding coordination with related agencies and organizations; assign tasks to specific officials and specialists for each industrial promotion project. The center will also coordinate closely with related organizations and individuals to strengthen inspection and supervision and remove obstacles to project implementation; carry out inspections and payments for the projects once they are completed.

In addition, the center will propose fixing the limitations of the local industrial promotion. For example, there have not been many key industrial promotion projects implemented in consecutive years; industrial promotion projects have not been sufficiently integrated with national target programs and some projects were sometimes inadequately organized.

Bac Giang Province Trade and Industry Promotion Center is implementing industrial promotion projects and striving to complete this year’s plan by the end of November 2019.


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