Build-to-Suit Factory model in Long Hau Industrial Park attracts interest of many investors

In the current situation of a promising investment market, plus the fact that industrial land prices have skyrocketed during recent years, many enterprises tend to choose workshops to save costs as well as to facilitate their business. As a result, build-to-suit workshops quickly turn out to be a safe and preferable selection for many investors over the years.

It is evident that the number of enterprises choosing the model of build-to-suit workshops in industrial parks is gradually increasing. As a good example, on June 29, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the H.05B land lot in Long Hau Industrial Park for the Unifood Cold Storage – a build-to-suit workshop project carried out by Long Hau Corporation ( LHC – the main investor of Long Hau Industrial Park).

Total capital of more than USD 1.2 million was invested into this project, of which the other party is Unifood Co., Ltd. which is established by Ms. Kao Huy Phuong, the eldest daughter of Mr. Kao Sieu Luc who is the founder and owner of the celebrated ABC Bakery. So as to satisfy the expectation of both parties as well as the technical requirements of a cold storage, LHC ensures the workshop with flexibility in design and engineering but still full of functions of a modern workshop, complying with national standards of Vietnam’s leading bakery.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in a jubilant atmosphere

LHC has developed this model since 2010 and is currently dominating the pioneering position in developing build-to-suit workshops. LHC shall assist in choosing and arranging the design and construction unit which enable the investors to optimize their time, save costs and quickly go into operation. Additionally, enterprises may also customize the workshop design to fit their needs as well as involve themselves in the construction process. Therefore, with such outstanding advantages, the model of build-to-suit workshop becomes an investment trend to be considered the most by the investors.

LHC has selected two experienced units to always bring satisfaction and secure faith to the investors which are “International Trading Co., Ltd (Tradeco)” – a prestigious construction company in Vietnam and “Viet Engineering Value Construction Consultants JSC (VEV)” – a recognized professional design company.

For some certain special production lines, the workshop on demand needs developing some more special corresponding functions and such concern cannot make it difficult for LHC as LHC has fulfilled this requirement very well by providing flexibility in design and satisfaction to the needs of its customers.

The Representative of Long Hau Corporation commented, “With the upward trend of industrialization, several businesses nowadays focus more on science and technology which results in an increase in demand of specialized workshops. It is easy to understand why investors tend to choose the build-to-suit workshop model. Foreseeing this drift, Long Hau Industrial Park has developed the model of build-to-suit workshop sooner than expected and achieved many positive results so far.”


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