Quarterly Report on Implementation status of Industrial Projects in Vietnam – 3rd Quarter 2020

(HOUSELINK) – After the epidemic has been controlled nationwide, manufacturers stepped up investing and constructing news projects. Industrial projects in the planning and design stages increased sharply in both quantity and investment value, up 16% and 42% respectively over the previous month. 

In the Report on the implementation status of industrial construction projects in Vietnam 3rd quarter 2020, HOUSELINK focused on analyzing projects planning for construction (Project Planning, Design, Bidding) and under construction projects based on the following criteria: Work type, Location, Project type and Form of investment.

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Highlights in the 3rd Quarter
  1. The energy sector has been received the incremental interest on development

September 2020 witnessed a strong growth in investment value in energy projects, up 126% compared to data in August 2020. While there is a serious shortage of electricity supply, large scale investment in the energy sector is expected to somewhat balance the supply demand in the electricity market.


Although only ranked seventh in the number of projects planning for construction, energy sector has the highest value in investment value and gross floor area, thanks to its typical investment scale.

The textile and electronic sectors rank second
and third, respectively in terms of investment
value and gross floor area. While garment and
textile sector (USD 5.7 billion, 1,730 hectares)
received huge investment amount from FDI
Hongkong investors, Korean investors rank first in total investment value of electronic projects being built in the upcoming period.







After the European Union Vietnam free trade agreement (EVFTA) was signed, the agriculture sector is expected to be benefited the most from
the agreement. September 2020 witnessed a strong growth, both in quantity (up 11 projects) and investment value (up 26%) in agriculture and feed over the previous month.

Besides, in the trend of shifting production out of China, Vietnam is considered as one of the most potential destinations. Therefore, the industrial infrastructure and logistic centers are focused for developing, to welcome manufacturing investors in the coming time.





2. A strong growth in the number of Project directly invested by domestic firms (DDI) and Taiwan firms (FDI Taiwan)

September 2020 witnessed strong growth in the number of Project directly invested by domestic firms (DDI) and Taiwan firms (FDI Taiwan). 

Domestic direct investment (DDI) has the largest number of projects (99), investment value (USD 3.02 billion), gross floor area (1.02 thousand hectares), accounting for approximately one third of total value of industrial projects under construction. Domestic investors prioritize resources on developing energy, industrial infrastructure and logistic, then partially meet the urgent needs for the economic development in the coming time. Direct investment from China, South Korea, Taiwan ranked second, third, fourth on all three criteria: number of projects, investment value and gross floor area. Whilst Chinese investors prioritize the development of rubber processing, mechanical parts and textile factories; chemical production, forestry processing, electronics are the three areas that Korean investors are focusing on development. Taiwanese investors saw the potential and are conducting investment on electronic and electrical equipment factories in Vietnam.


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