Apps Boost Project Management

There are apps for daily reporting and communication solutions that enable today’s construction managers to conveniently speak their notes and observations realtime with professional daily report output. This drives many benefits, including giving important activities greater visibility.

NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif., recently launched the new NoteVault Notes 2.5 iOS app, along with an enhanced NoteVault Platform, for configuring daily reports. The company developed NoteVault Notes in partnership with major customers to meet their specific needs, according to Peter Lasensky, CEO, NoteVault.

The strategic innovation joint partnerships allows closer work with the top contractors in the U.S., he adds, to share technology innovations and shape the company’s product roadmap.

NoteVault Notes captures dictated notes and photos and provides the ability to enter, edit, and add comments directly within the app. Next, NoteVault’s professional staff transcribes these voice recordings into text, adds the photos, and sends out daily PDF reports to a customer’s team every morning.

Depending on the user role, key stakeholders can view notes from all users in a continuous newsfeed giving them realtime access to events as they happen, reducing delays and increasing productivity. As an additional benefit, categories and issues can be tagged within the app, and GPS (global positioning system) tagging of locations is automatic to enable quick pinpointing of where a note was taken.

The new NoteVault Notes replaces the existing NoteVault app, and it is now available for iOS. It will soon be available for Android.

Source: constructech

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