It’s no secret that real estate developers need top-notch tools to stay competitive and profitable. Try these gold standard assets—right from the Fundrise toolbox:

  • CBRE Research Center: CBRE provides an annual report on national market trends. If you want to understand what forces are shaping the U.S. economy and driving business, then theCBRE Research Center is essential.
  • Cushman Wakefield Research: Cushman Wakefield has a long history of providing the best information on real estate markets around the globe. From local to global reports, know what’s going on in real estate industries, broken out by country, city, and neighborhood.
  • JLL Market Research: There’s no substitute for quality real estate market research. If you want to know the latest trends in development, what’s selling the most in the hottest markets, and what buyers are steering clear of, JLL Market Research reports are all you need. From banking to utilities, know what’s going on in every industry affected by real estate.
  • CRE Trends From PwC: PwC offers analysis and reporting on commercial real estate trends. In particular, their annual market study should not be missed.
  • ApartmentUpdate: When you need to research apartments in any market, at any price point, and of any size, ApartmentUpdate will help you stay on top of the latest listings in real time. You even get market reports every quarter of the year.
  • Rent vs. Buy Calculator: For those times when you need to determine if a city’s rental or for sale market is more attractive, this calculator will be an invaluable tool.
  • Commercial Mortgage Rates: RealtyRates gives you up-to-date mortgage rates in a streamlined, actionable format.
  • Loan Pre-Payment: Everything you need to know about defeasance in one place. Defease With Ease allows you to find accurate estimates of pre-payment penalties with their defeasance and yield calculators. Be sure to download the app.
  • ARGUS: ARGUS is a software package that will help you analyze investments from the top down. Customize your reports to track cash flows, keep up with forecasts, and keep your business profitable.
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling: Real Estate Financial Modeling has the best financial analysis tools and data solutions in the real estate market. And they’re all free.

No matter what sector you serve or what market or region you operate in, if your goal is to be first in class, you need the best tools you can find. These tools for real estate developers won’t guarantee your success, but they will equip you with the information and resources you need to move to the front of the herd. It’s up to you to stay there.