TH Group kicks off construction of new major hi-tech agricultural project

With its construction commenced today, the project, based in the province’s Vu Thu district, will be focused on producing organic fruits and vegetables, and high-quality rice. It will covers a total area of 3,000 hectares of land, of which about 2,000ha will be for producing rice and rice oil.

Being the first hi-tech agricultural project in Thai Binh, this integrated project will be built under the financial consultancy of BAC A BANK. It will cover all stages of production, from incubation, cultivation, extraction, and harvesting to processing, packing and distribution of products. All products are made under the Global GAP and Organic standards.

The standards include five “no”, including “no chemical-based fertilizer”, “no chemical-based pesticide”, “no growth stimulation”, “no preservative”, and “no variety with genetically modified organism.”

“We highly appreciate TH Group’s great contributions to Vietnam’s construction of hi-tech agricultural sector. This project is expected to help Thai Binh province to develop its hi-tech agricultural sector and create many jobs for locals,” said Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung who attending the ground-breaking ceremony.

At present, while constructing a $2.7 billion hi-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in Russia, TH Group is considering the construction of a major similar project in the Republic of Bashkortostan, a federal subject of Russia.

Since 2009, TH Group has also been operating a $1.2 billion, 37,000ha hi-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in the central province of Nghe An’s Nghia Dan district.

In addition to agricultural projects, TH has also been focusing on developing educational and training projects, which Dung said that “We also highly appreciate TH Group’s investment in the education and training sector, which is now in critical need of reform under international standards.”

Two weeks ago, the group officially inaugurated its TH school system in Hanoi, marking its new engagement in the Vietnamese education and training sector. TH said this system will lay firm groundwork for it to develop universities and colleges throughout Vietnam in the near future.

The first TH-branded school, based on Chua Boc street of Hanoi, covering nearly 20,000 square metres, includes a well-equipped system of playground, swimming pool, labs, and gyms.

The school includes 17 classrooms for 340 pre-school pupils, 25 classrooms for 625 primary-school pupils, 24 classrooms for 600 secondary-school pupils, and 21 classrooms for 525 high-school pupils.

The school uses Cambridge-standard English-language curricula which have already been successfully applied worldwide for multi-millions of pupils.

Source: VIR

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