Tan Chong Group to invest extra 50 million USD in Da Nang

TCIE Vietnam Company, a member of Malaysia’s Tan Chong Motor Group, will build a new car factory in Hoa Khanh industrial zone in the central city from 2019 with total investment of 50 million USD.

The city’s Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) confirmed that the company has completed procedures to soon commence the project.

The agency said TCIE Vietnam had invested 55 million USD between 2013-2017 to produce the first locally-assembled Nissan Sunny and Nissan X-Trail SUV car models at the Da Nang-based factory – the first and only Nissan Sunny assembly plant in central Vietnam.

In a meeting with the city’s leadership last month, TCIE said it would increase investment to 150 million USD in the coming years to promote production and sales of cars in the central and nationwide market.

TCIE said it sold 3,500 Nissan Sunny models in 2018 and contributed 2.2 trillion VND (nearly 95 million USD) to the city’s budget.

The company plans to produce 5,100 cars with an estimate contribution of 110 million USD to the city’s budget in 2019.

TCIE also plans to produce Nissan vans and Nissan trucks in the near future.

Source: ven.vn

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