New Bendable Concrete that is Stronger and more Durable

A new concrete has been developed to reduce the time needed for road works by more than half, report scientists. This innovation allows the creation of slim precast pavement slabs for quick installation, thus halving the time needed for road works and new pavements. It is also more sustainable, requiring less maintenance.

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University‘s NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre have invented a new kind of bendable concrete that is stronger and longer lasting that traditional concrete.

ConFlexPave is specifically engineered to have certain types of hard materials mixed with polymer microfibres. The inclusion of these special synthetic fibres, besides allowing the concrete to flex and bend under tension, also enhances skid resistance. ConFlexPave allows for the creation of slim precast pavement slabs, which could halve the time necessary for road work and creating new pavements. This would enhance workers’ safety, reduce construction time and be less inconvenient for road users.

ConFlexPave has been successfully tested as tablet-sized slabs at NTU laboratories and will be scaled up for further testing over the next three years in partnership with JTC – at suitable locations within JTC’s industrial estates and in NTU where there will be human and vehicular traffic.


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